Tuesday, May 7, 2013


There is a majestic and inspiring stupa in the middle of the school building surrounded by ashok and rubber trees. The golden prayer wheels are equally framed around the stupa at the height of a metre from the ground and rotate on its axis with carved mantras on it. Positioned on the wooden table adorned with red artificial flowers and green natural flowers, are seven offering bowels and one butter lamp flickering its light in the gentle breeze, lined up in straight is offered as the morning routine of the students who live in the campus. On the other side of the stupa sheltered under the trees and plants, a line of wooden tables with metal legs and benches are arranged for the students to take meal. It's evening 7 o'clock and time for a dinner. Students sit on the bench with steel plate full of white rice and yellow potato curry over it. The metal spoon are dug into the rice and students salivate while waiting for other friends. Once everybody gathered around the meal table, they stand up from the benches, close their eye, fold their hand into lotus shape and began to offer their food to God.

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