Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ecology Close to...

As I was walking and enjoying the environment one early morning- a couple of brown feather birds, the size of an average parrot with its sharp yellow beak, often scratches the dried grey ground with its claw and pick for a grain. Through the open space of a court yard, up on a leafless branch of a tall tree, a pigeon perched, scanning its feather with its beak.
Another Pigeon flew through the space of crooked branch and rest near the other. 
Then it takes three to four short steps closer and with swollen feather puts its beak over the neck of other in lovely manner. A pair of little sparrow in a playful manner, from the corner of a red building flew down at an angle of 45 degree on the blue painted wooden railing, that goes higher along the edges of climbing staircase. A squirrel with round bulging eye and a thick bushy tail climbs up the trunk, through the branches and over the leaves. They make sharp cheerful squeak. A lizard crawl down the wall of a building. The other many unrecognisable birds twitter from the corner, top, behind, beside and above. 
At an arm length distance from the wall of class building, from the tall and titling huge rubber tree hangs numerous long roots like silky hair. The early faint light from the sun cast down the dull shadows of leaves and branches on the concrete balcony of class nine. It is an environment that has ecology close to its heart.

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