Friday, November 8, 2013

A Journey Along The River

Burbling river of Khoma flowing down swiftly
Through the wide bank of the valley
Splashing as it moves over the rock
Curves gently through the forest and
Swerves along the base of mighty mountains
Sometime it murmurs as we move little away from it
Ripples its sound as we come closer to  
A journey along the river

As if to big mission of tracking the sources
Climbing up the rugged steeps and down the valleys
Moving at snail's pace through the trails crafted on the cliff
Sliding down the slippery track
hopping over the rocks and logs on the marshy path
harmonizing body gravity over the bridges
A journey along the river

Babbling brooks from one distance to another   
On the way are arteries to the river
Well set up on timely location
Was divine miraculous to benefit beings
To quench the burning thirst of the voyage
One bends down to sip up refreshing water
Which cools and reenergize ones boat like body
To sail its every step closer to the destination
A journey along the river 

Birds tweeting from the tops of the tall tress
Bees buzzing among the wild flowers
Butterflies fluttering around the natural flowers
Wind whispering gently through the grasses
Cicada screaming its shrill droning noise
Deer barking its sharp explosive cry
Gentle breeze whistling over the mount
Stamping pattern of the feet against the ground
A journey along the river