Saturday, October 29, 2011

International Youth Tiger Forum Vladivostok, Russia, 19-24 November 2010

From 21 to 24 November 2010, a Heads of Government Tiger Summit will be held in St Petersburg, Russia. As part of the Summit process during this Year of the Tiger, WWF is organizing a Youth Summit to reach out to the youths of the world so they can have a voice in this important conservation challenge of our time.

Young people – Youth Tiger Ambassadors from tiger range countries and countries that support the conservation of tigers – are invited to Vladivostok in Russia Far East for a Summit from 19-24 November 2010. The Summit will provide them with the opportunity to learn more about tiger conservation and how and what they can do to help. They will visit the habitat of the Amur or Siberian tiger, be taken on a tiger trail, get first-hand information about the state of the wild tiger population and conservation measures, and participate in the Primorsky Kray regional Tiger Day celebration. The week-long Summit will culminate with a Youth Declaration on Tiger Conservation that will be presented to the Heads of Government Tiger Summit in St Petersburg via video link.

Organizers: WWF, Primorsky Kray Administration

The purpose of the Summit is to get the active involvement of the world’s youths in meeting the challenges of tiger conservation. In doing so, we will be attracting the attention of youths, governments and the media to the issue of tiger conservation around the world.

  1. Enabling youths to develop proposals and ideas for tiger conservation which will then be presented to the Heads of Government Tiger Summit’s high-level segment in the form of a Youth Declaration on Tiger Conservation.
  2. Sharing of experience and training in methods and techniques of environmental conservation work.
  3. Motivating and encouraging active young volunteers and workers in conserving the tiger.

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