Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Bygone, are those days
Remembered, very little
I was than a small kid
Too old for the breast feeding
In the enfold of rural environment
Right in the center of the scattered village
My play fields are those jungles
Standing tall, thick and bush
A doggy, a piggy, and a pussy
Became playmates almost all the time
Special events are marked,
Very much entertaining and pleasurable
Every person in the neighborhood assembles,
To commemorate as one union
I was a youthful to dance and chant
On the top of the strength and prickly voice
Elders in a line, became an audience
On the flat timber floor
With the Bangchang and ara
Flooding out of the basin like mug and
Breaking the collection of gossip
Its, a wonderful social gathering, I guess!
Living seems to be, a joyful and splendid
When small, and have no responsibility
Tension lingers, far away at the distant
Reliefs are those moments

The era for the schooling
Was not as funny and enjoyable
As I thought in the times of yore
With the love and care
Knotted with a mom and dad
It was a sorrowfulness to depart
But my faith of the education
Could defeat those unhappiness
And pushed on the journey of education

When I first joint in the school channel
I vividly remember the words
My beloved uttered in my ear
Always be a good boy and
Listen to the teacher

Today, as I stand here
With the little education background
Cheerfulness of those days is, not a genuine
Fairly, I claim as “Joy of Village”
As I experience the true contentment
Amongst the educated society
To only you, my beloved
Who, reached me in this juncture
From the darkness of the isolated rural
Pays bottomless sense, of adore and admiration
You were everything
That, transformed and shaped me
Into a person, I am today
You were the basic pillar, of my position
The source, of an inspiration
The channel, of guidance
Sweet honey
The breathe, of my life
The glow, in my darkness
The bridge, that connected me
The shoulder, I could lean on
The water that extinguished the thirst
Role model
An example, I explain to
The food that contented the hunger
Valuable diamond
 Alternative parents
The educator, of all the knowledge AND
The reliable wealth I possess…
YET, you shall stay, implanted in my heart, as the whole lot.

As, I reflect with more thinking ability
I feel tremendously sorry for, the late realization   
I wish I could, turn back the clock
I desire, had I expressed those words
I aspire, could you be among us
Nonetheless, it ruins as a “WISHES”
The truth is you already left me…
Your departure, was a massive loss
With the thorny, pinch and ache
It left me, the scar of naked tree
With no leaves, roots, branches, and flowers
However, with the little strength, I stand to utter:
Paro College of Education