Saturday, April 14, 2012

New students’ new problems
With the recruitment of 288 new students, both boys and girls freshly from high school for their bachelor’s degree in education, there is likely to be a classroom shortage in the college. Unlike previous years, the number of the intake of students was high, says the administration of the college.
With this concern in mind, the administration put a fresh measure in place to address the accommodation problem. As a solution, they came up with a new system of adjusting the classrooms on a rotational basis. Although the scheme was taken into account as a measure to solve the problem, there are other sides of the coin. Despite giving opportunity for personal responsibility and inculcating in us the ethical value of respecting the other’s time and place, there are a number of ambiguities on the scheme, considering the execution part.
 On the initial day of the system, I saw one of the lecturers confounded with the exact class location. He made one entire round to locate the class and in the intervening time I am sure he lost a few precious times.
Moreover, many classes are ignoring the very significant of sanitation. There is a notion conflict amongst the students that, it is a business of other section to maintain the cleanliness, but recklessly a classrooms remained mess up and tainted. In addition, an extremely expensive teaching and learning amenities, which are obtainable in the classes, were unattended behind. The heaters light were on, the overhead projector and LCD are not taken care appropriately, and it has become a tendency of use and throw.
In some cases, the furniture like chairs, tables, and even the OHP started to move from a place to another, all along with students, probably introducing another problem of insufficient furniture with a large number of students.
Looking very closely, there are problems embedded within the four walls of each class. The problems concerning, the preparation of a teaching and learning materials for students and lecturer. There is a mismatch, between the presentation materials prepared by a lecturer and students with that of the facilities available in a class. For instance in one of the session, lopen had prepared his lesson on the OHP slide; unfortunately, the class scheduled for a session was equipped with a LCD. Further, it is also unsuitable for all the classes to find out a permanent walls and area to paste their presentation and an academic work. Consequently, most of the classes continue to be an unfavorable environment for learning, as it remains unfilled around the wall.
The problems reflected above are personal observation, after keeping a careful watch in the new system and it is a genuine, as far as concern of a self. Although the change in a system operates as an alternative solution for the problem, we can always weigh the pros and cons in it, to bring improvement and favor ability in the system.
The few lines of proposition made here necessarily do not demand consideration in the system change, rather thinking of solution along with the problems would be a best strategy to come into acceptable solution, as said two head is better than one.
First solution for the problem could be, possibly looking for adequate classroom construction, in the college, although it is financially pinching. That would solve the problems permanently be it in the present as well as future.
 Looking for an unnecessary usage of the space and changing into classroom could be another answer to the problem. For example, the space, once used by CAPSD and other storeroom near bookshop could have been classroom for time being.

The other alternative could be, making available of a needed facilities in all the classes, so that it matches the teaching and learning needs of lectures and students. By the absence of these facilities, it is for sure that, our prime purpose of being here is defeated. If the college does not have sufficient teaching and learning aids, it would have been better organization, to keep fix classroom, for half of the classes. In this way, those classes with fixed room would use one kind of teaching and learning aid that would probably solve the contradiction in the preparation of presentation in the class.
Finally, one of the solutions could be restriction of the rotation between two classrooms only, because in this way, student becomes responsible in keeping the classes clean and accountable for the facilities. At the same time, this would suit the teaching and learning needs and provide a fitting environment for the learning.