Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Democracy Day

Media club members of Paro College of Education observed the 5th International Democracy day on the 15th of September, 2012 at the Learning Centre.
The significance of the day was marked with the screening of a short documentary film entitled “Councilors Election", which reflected the councillor’s election process. It was filmed by Mr. Tashi Penjor, one of the club members. The film was screened to more than 300 student teachers including the Director and lecturers of Paro College of Education.
After lunch more than 30 media club members gathered in the learning centre and brainstormed on the concept of democracy.  They discussed their understanding of democracy through words, images, and poems.  Each group presented their ideas and explained what democracy was for them. Afterward, they developed group definitions of democracy and then compared them.
The media club was formed after the recommendation of the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) early this year. It works collaboratively with the literary committee of the College.


Sherig Century – The Open College Quiz Competition

On 15th September, an Open College Quiz Competion was organised to commemorate Sherig Century at Paro College of Education. The twelve participants ran through an enthralling quiz after they passed the preliminary round, in which approximately fifty student teachers partook. The open quiz encompassed the knowledge about 'National affairs , International affairs, Sports, Audio and Visual, and Acronyms'.  
QUIZ, an acronym in itself,  means quick understanding of intellegence zeal. From the educational perspective, a teacher can use it as a tool for assessment and also to bring in fun and competition in the teaching learning process.  

The quizzing program was collaboratively orgainsed by Literary Committee and Media Club. On the same day Media Club screened a short video clip to mark the International Day of Democracy. The video clip showed a democratizing affair, the Councillors‘ Election 2012 of  Paro College.
The absorbing and mind racking quizzing program was attended by the Director, lecturers  and more than 300 student-teachers.

Tandin Wangdi
Paro College of Education