Monday, September 17, 2012

Workshop on Foundation Course in Human Values & Professional Ethics

The introductory workshop on foundation in human values and professional ethics was conducted at Paro College of Education from 8th to 10th September, 2012 by group of volunteers from India who is working on universal human values.
This workshop is designed to help develop a conducive environment for “Human Values and Professional Ethics (HVPE)” in institution and communities. It is to help familiarise participants with HVPE and to generate interest in value based living.
The group leader Mr. Ganesh Prashad Bagaria said “the basic ideas of the workshop is to make sure that each person can live with right understanding, right feeling and right physical facilities that ensure happiness for ourselves and other people.”
 He added “the relevance of all 3 – right understanding, relationship and physical facilities – are the priority in the improvement of the quality of life at the individual, family and workplace levels.”
He further said, “if we look at the problems facing all over the society today, it is largely to do with inhuman behavior. The ideas behind the workshop are essentially for the most necessary things to do with the human beings and to make them behave like humans and achieve mutual happiness and prosperity.”
During the three days orientation the participants were familiarised with the need, guidelines, content and process of Value Education. They discussed on holistic development and the role of education in holistic development. Further the presentation facilitated a process of self-exploration in participants and key proposals about universal human values for them to reflect on basic human aspiration and the programme for its fulfillment.
They also shared the role of education in understanding the human relationship in the nature of coexistence and how the education plays vital role in shaping the live of individual through involvement of parents, teacher and policy maker.
More than 60 participants including the Directors of Paro and Gaedu College, lecturers of Royal Institute of Health Science and Paro College, principals and teachers from Paro valley, and student teachers of Paro College took part in three days workshop. The Vice Chancellor of Royal University of Bhutan Dasho Dr. Pema Thinlay also attended on the 2nd day of the workshop.
The same workshop is going to take place at Gaedu College of Business Studies for 8 days starting from 12th of September, 2012.


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