Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sherig Century—Extempore Competition

A Dzongkha extempore speech competition, dedicated to Sherig Century (hundred years of Bhutanese education), was organized at Nangkha Lecture Theatre (Paro College of Education) on 18th August, 2012 by the Literary Committee.
The first autumn literary activity begins to spark the glorious festivity, and to celebrate the transformation education has brought to our lives. Also, through this festivity, we pay homage to all those great personalities who have contributed immensely to the growth of education.    
Sherig, which means ‘education,’ being the theme, the topics for the speeches revolved around education and its system—the history, teachers, students, founders of education, modern education, quality and discipline. The two hours of successive impromptu by the participants was a reflection and consideration of education that embraces many Bhutanese lives.
25 participants from different classes partook in the competition, out of which 5 were women. The top five winners were awarded with certificates and cash prizes.
More than 150 student teachers, Director, faculty members and other enthusiasts took part in the event. 

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