Sunday, October 30, 2011

Youth Action Plan on Tiger

During the Forum the delegates elaborated a Youth Action Plan for international and national levels which can be supported by the governments of 14 countries and by non-profit environmental organizations.
International level:
-         Tiger Ambassadors public awareness movement
-         International Tiger Day with one-week activities
-         Youth Tiger Network for work coordination
National level:
-         Education (information and methodological materials, lectures, schools and university engagement)
-         Internet activities (website, social networks, blogging, online viral campaigns, petitions)
-         Competitions (art, design, photo, projects)
-         Events (exhibitions, festivals, conferences, concerts, camps)
-         Actions (flashmob, drama, marathon)
-         Fundraising activities (donations, sponsored activities)
-         Opinion leaders involvement (show business, sportsmen, authorities)
-         Conservation activities (scientific and social researches, student brigades, volunteer work, local communities involvement, field trips, exchange programmes)

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