Sunday, October 30, 2011


From 22th-24th, November, 2010. A head of government tiger summit was held in the St. Petersburg, Russia. As part of the summit process during the year of the tiger, WWF Russia organized a youth summit to reach out to youth of the world, so that they can have a voice in the important conservation challenge.
Young people- youth tiger ambassador from tiger range countries and countries that support the conservation of the tigers are invited to Vladivostok in Russia Far East for a summit form 18th to 24th November. The summit took place to provide us with the opportunity to learn more about tiger conservation and how and what we the youth can do to help. The youth participants visited the habitats of the Amur or Siberian tiger, taken on a tiger trail, get first hand information about the state of wild tiger population and conservation measures, and participated in the Primorsky Kary regional tiger day celebration that was presented to the heads of government tiger summit in the St. Petersburg via video link.

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