Monday, October 31, 2011

Green Hiker Campaign- Bhutan Chapter

Slogan – Nature leaves a mark don’t leave one behind
About Green Hiker
The Green Hiker Campaign is WWF’s initiative to raise awareness about the vulnerability of the Himalayan ecosystem, by encouraging tourists and tour operators to adopt disciplines, which will help reduce the footprint (impacts) of tourism, through positive messages.
Green Hiker campaign in Bhutan
Bhutan gifted with pristine environment, unique culture, and inimitable philosophy of Gross National Happiness is attracting hundreds of tourists from all over.
Tourism has been prioritized as one of the leading income generating sectors in the country.  The government has already forecasted around 100,000 tourists by 2011 year end.
With more than 20 in country mountain treks to offer, the fragile High altitude ecosystems are at risk due to unsustainable human activities.

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