Monday, October 31, 2011


Your Majesty the king and Magnificent Queen,
The compassionate one of all time
You are supreme…
That surmounts the sovereignty of pitiless.
You are inexhaustible treasures
That purges poverty…
You are paramount medication
That quells the nation’s disease…  
You are the universal bridge
That guide to freedom…
You are the sun
That furnishes us inestimable emission of warmth…
You are the moon
That clears away the darkness…
You are the compassionate one  
With thousand eyes and thousand hands
It is a very special day
Reserved for your majesty the king and queen
Prophesied time for brighter Future,
What we call “Royal Weeding”
Once in my life time to cheer and have a glimpse
The God gave your Majesty a special love to share...
...because He recognized
how much you would cherish it.
Joining with your Majesty the king and queen
In celebrating was we the citizens of GNH valley
With heartfelt rejoice and incalculable wishing for your rich happiness
today, and all year to come!
Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Paro College of education

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