Sunday, October 30, 2011

23rd November

The plan on this day was Teleconference with Head of Government participating in the International Forum on Tiger Conservation. The conferencing is scheduled in the evening, because of time differences between two places.  Then in the morning we had breakfast and gathered in the hall for some discussion and rehearsal for teleconferencing. We had a tea/coffee break in the middle of preparation. Then lunch break and carried on our rehearsal till dinner. After dinner we transferred to venue where teleconferencing took place. There all the delegates are wearing their national costumes and preparing for presentation. On the other side media people and organizer are getting ready for video link by connecting wire, checking sounds, making arrangement for microphone and so on…
Than at 8 p.m. we had a teleconferencing, where we presented on youth appeal to the participants of International Forum on Tiger Conservation.

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