Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Faintness in sunset

twilight over the gigantic mount of Himalayas
facing directly to the great temple of Chokyi
with last veneration until, same time
it glows in faint rosiness, that rang a bell
'A day near to graveyard'
down to the base of mighty mount
the unbroken cries of Himalayan river
descending, steadily through the vales
of beautiful laden branches and fragrance
disappears with the melodic rhythm, nothing is everlasting
Over the ascending peak of mighty mount
the dark dense clustered clouds
transform the blue vast sky into a gloomy
that drizzle down over the hamlet of Dewathang
this altering natural phenomenon, reminds of  uncertainty
A recent news of a woman's death, is an example
to our last entrance through which
no one shall prove supremacy
it was you and me who talked about her death
sooner or later they shall talk about my graveyard.

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