Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orientation Program

Orientation Program for the graduating student teachers of Paro college of Education began on October 17, 2012 at Lecturer Theatre. The first orientation was from Human Resource Division, Ministry of Education, led by Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr. Sonam Wangyal.  
The aim of the program is to introduce and familiarize student teachers on the Ministry of Education and the work that they are going to undertake after graduating from the college this December, 2012.
The Chief HRO presented on the “human resource development and management in the Ministry”. He covered the information on Ministry organogram and different departments of education. He also spoke on five HR policies (draft), the career tracks, recruitments, deployment, performances management, and professional development. Further he talked on the necessary documents that the students need to produce during their formal appointment as teachers.   
193 graduating students from B.Ed Primary, B.Ed Secondary, B.Ed Dzongkha and Post graduate and Diploma in Education (PGDE) took part in the program.
The orientation program will continue to take place every Wednesday and Saturday alternatively till November 14, 2012. The next orientation program will be on October 27, 2012 by Non-Formal Education (MoE), followed by Royal Civil Service Commission (Royal Government of Bhutan), Department of Curriculum Research & Development (DCRD), Bhutan Council for School Examination & Assessment (BCSEA), and Education Monitoring and Services Division (EMSD).
The program is organized by Ministry of Education with assistance from the College management.

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