Saturday, August 25, 2012

Peer Mentorship Formally Launched

The Peer Mentoring Programme was launched in the Learning Centre at Paro College of Education on 14th August, 2012 by Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Research and Industrial Linkage, Officiating Dean of Student Affairs and the four Heads of School as an important learning activity in the College.
For active functioning, the centre adopted the peer mentoring programme to help create a stronger learning community on campus. This establishes more avenues for students to interact academically with their peers, gives senior students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in academic skills, creates more resources in the centre, and allows the centre to be open and lively. It will also engage peer mentors in directing and guiding the needy students.
     The Dean of Academic Affairs, Mr. Som Gurung said,“It is like dream come true, where the initiative began as a small bit and now grown.”
     The peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that takes place in the learning ambience like learning centre, usually between an older, more experienced students and a new student as a way of learning through interaction, discussion and sharing the academic skills.
     The program came into existence after training seven students by Dr. Gretchen and Mrs. Lhazom Dema during the spring semester 2012.
     More than 18 members including two coordinators of the centre, the trained mentors and the mentees took part in the launching ceremony.
    The program was organized by Mr. Karma Dorji, Mrs. Lhazom Dema and the mentors.

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