Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Discovering the sole of our roles

It was really a nerve-racking situation for me to make the career choices during my education. My inspiration to be a part of the teaching profession came from the values embedded in the profession. I listened to and considered the expressions of the lips, devoid of judgments and critical thinking on it, but given the truth of maturation and grave reflection of the moment, I ventured into right option of where I am today.
I am a rigid believer and a follower of Buddhism and I have absolute reliance and worship in it. The profound act of generosity, the embedded value, and the truth in it, stand unmoved about the nobility and bear hidden wisdom in it. Genuinely penning down from the pure heart, I made the right choice to be a teacher. Habitually spending a little time to imagine on the insightfulness of teaching world, I dream if I can carry out miraculous in teaching and learning business, but the impossibility intervenes and I am concerned if I can be operational in facing the challenges at the forefront with due consideration of  nature and wide-ranges of a teaching profession.  
Let’s think about what a great responsibility it is to create differences in someone else’s life? It is of-course a noble responsibility that makes a difference in the nation’s most vital resources, the human capital. And also many great people and scholar say that, it is the held responsibility to believe the worth and dignity of each human beings, recognize the supreme importance of the pursuit of true devotion to excel and nurture the democratic principle in learning. It is the professions which is vested by the public with trust and duty that requires the highest ideals of professional services. To be an educator, demands to be mindfully responsible to increases the intelligence of the students through the discipline pursuit of knowledge and be persistent in fostering respect for a life of learning.
To faithfully execute these duties, one should promise to work always to better understand the content, instructional practices and the learners. Seek the policy support to promote quality educational process and outstandingly emulate personal qualities to foster and democratic style of learning. To carry on the profession, we must engage in reflecting practices, considering problems solving and reconstruction. As an educator, one must believe the worth and dignity of each human being, recognizing the supreme importance of the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence and nurture Gross national happiness values. We must strive to work to stimulate the spirit of inquiry and thoughtful formulation of working goal.
Right now, I believe not, that majority of us are doing enough, with the fact that we are student teachers, but I am sure that, sooner or later as we enter the world of teaching, we would take the responsibilities to exert every effort to raise professional standard, to promote a climate that would encourage the exercise of professional. We are at the premature stage of discovering the sole of the most difficult profession and yet the most important job in the world. We have many lives to touch and many lives to light upon and it is time for us to find the sole of our role.

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