Sunday, October 30, 2011

20th November

For a field trip, the delegates are divided into two groups namely:
1.      group O and
2.      group K
Each group will take different field trip alternatively on 20th and 21st of November. The group division is as follows:
Group O consist of delegates from:  Bhutan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Malaysia and two from Russia out of four.
Group K consist of delegates from: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Nepal and two from Russia
Our field trip to conservation of Siberian tiger and its habitat in Far East of Russia has two destination allocated
1.      Kedrovaya pad state nature reserve and
2.      Orlinoe model hunting estate
Our first trip was at Orlinoe model hunting estate. Early at 7:30 a.m. of 20th morning we had a breakfast and at 8:30 a.m. we departed to our field destination led by Russian police force pilot, which was to avoid traffic jam and safety purpose on the way. It was two hours drive through high way, jungle road and hard ice.
We set up our expedition by visiting the feeding station for wild ungulates (main tiger prey).We are familiarize on the area by director of the Orilinoe which includes biotechnology complex created in the reserved to increase the number of ungulates for tiger. We also saw traces of wild board, deer, etc… they explained the kind of food they nourish to those animals like fodder, minerals, soda, iodine, and calcium phosphate. There are 50 feeders that provide for ungulates, two to three times a week and they make available all variety of foods. The reserved is assisted from WWF Russia, like conducting management education and workshop for people, government, hunter and worker.
We also have seen observing tower that is used to overlook for prey base in the area. The area is also designated as hunting area and that is based on payment. The hunters have to get license for hunting in the area after making payment.
We are informed about the census they do for animals in the area that is to maintain constant number of animals all time. After sometime in the feeding station we moved to central office of the Orlinoe where we met with director of the reservation. Than we have lunch and proceed to winter census route, where we find the remaining of a boar that has been killed by a tiger, three to four days ago. The high quantity of prey in the area, guarantees the tigers’ survival in the wild and the prey population moreover matches the density of tigers. On the way to vicinity we profoundly generated lots of discussion, question and answer on trees species, animals, plants, birds species etc…found in the premises. It was exhilarating to see the Siberian Tiger habitat and we took massive pleasure in learning and gazing the scene of the area.
With total involvement in the trip we didn’t notice the time past, by than we have to return to our lodging. As usual we had dinner and working on internet.

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