Sunday, October 30, 2011

18th November

After our arrival at airport WWF Russian team came to received us, we had exchange of greeting followed by interview session with media for 30 minutes. The next destination place was to Sedanko hotel, place where we will be staying one week. By bus we have to travel 2 hours from airport. At hotel we the delegates and guest are registered and allotted with rooms, then we placed our baggage in the room and gone to get WWF dress.
Then at 12 p.m. we had gathering for lunch, all the delegates from fourteen countries and WWF Russia team joint the lunch and had informal interaction. After lunch they have a schedule of sightseeing tour around the Vladivostok where we are taken by bus and had a wonderful moment with new friends. There after we had to go back to hotel and had another assemble for dinner.
At 7 p.m. we gathered in hall attached to restaurant for formal/proper or “Getting to know you” session. This interactive session was done through presentation, for that the organizer already has the compilation of photos from all the 14 countries which were kept mixed on the table. For the preparation of the presentation we are made available with materials like chart, pen, pencil, color, glue, eraser etc… based on our creativity, fact, and the information from the pictures, we have to introduce our self, country we belong to, and the associated information on our country. For getting all set with presentation we were given one hour to work on. After that there was consecutive presentation from all the countries. This interactive session was extremely effective in widening our knowledge on others countries. Once we have completed with presentation there was a small briefing on Youth Tiger Forum program, task, and objectives. Then we dispersed to our room.

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